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As the saying goes in the compost industry...

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Why Soil Builders‚ Inc. Composted Products Are Better:

As the saying goes in the compost industry “All composts are not created equal.”

Perhaps you are aware of the many benefits compost provides to your soil and your plants:

In short‚ regular use of compost - or other composted or compost-based products - makes the soil easier to work‚ more drought resistant and healthier for your vegetables‚ flowers‚ shrubs and trees. And healthy soil means healthier plants that are more disease and pest resistant.

Unfortunately‚ not all commercially available composts or composted products have all or even most of these attributes. This is because‚ regardless of the type of material used in the composting process‚ if the composting is not done carefully and adequately‚ the resulting product will be inferior. For example‚ a quality compost should have reached a composting temperature of at least 132 degrees F in order to properly breakdown the raw materials and kill weed seeds and pathogens. By the same token‚ if a compost pile has been allowed to heat up way beyond 160 degrees F‚ most of the beneficial microorganisms have been killed‚ leaving a "sterile" product.

Don’t be fooled by color! Well-made compost should be dark brown in color‚ but not black like cinders‚ because that’s exactly what it is: cinders. Compost allowed to heat up a too high a temperature can actually catch fire and create charcoal; hence the black color. Black compost is not bottomland soil - it is inert charcoal.

Touch it‚ smell it! Well-made compost should smell earthy‚ like virgin loam or forest duff. It should be somewhat moist - "like a squeezed out sponge" - but not wet and certainly not dry. Dry and dusty compost is DEAD! The billions of microorganisms in compost need both air and moisture to live‚ so stay away from dry‚ dusty compost.

At Soil Builders‚ Inc.‚ we take a lot of time‚ effort and care to create quality composts and composted products that are ALIVE - teeming with beneficial flora and fauna to build your soil and feed your plants. Composting temperatures are routinely monitored‚ as is moisture content. The composts are also tested through independent soil testing labs‚ and are routinely growth tested to assure their exceptional performance in the field.

1 Tilth is the soil’s structure and texture and its ability to hold moisture and therefore nutrients...

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